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Ferell W said on Apr 15, 2016

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I am SO grateful for Dr. Martin. I have seen other endocrinologists and she is the absolute first to sit down, show me my blood work, explain what she looks for and why, offers solutions to help me, and actually listens. I have never had an endocrinologist prior to her to talk to me about Hashimoto’s (the others simply treated me like regular hypo). I definitely recommend her!

Lana Lekic said on Apr 9, 2015

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Dr. Nguyen is the BEST DOCTOR I have ever went to; and I have been hypothyroid since I was 11 yrs old, 31 now. I have been his patient for almost a year now, and I went to at least 4 others specialist before him that were just horrible and wouldn’t help me, petty much told me I was doomed. Read More