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How fortunate I am to have found Dr. Nguyen to review my long history with hypothyroidism and thyroid nodules. He is one of the most efficient, caring, and thorough doctors I’ve ever seen. A person of integrity and intelligence, friendly, proactive, and engaged -he’s truly interested in his patients.

He takes time to listen and doesn’t skim over, thoroughly explaining each health concern, diagnostic diagnosis, lab test, and treatment care taking whole body well-being into consideration. A doctor who discusses all options, then works with me to make the best decision for my healthcare. I appreciate his skilled, practical and compassionate approach and having a collaborative relationship with my doctor regarding maintenance medications. Dr. Nguyen is simply the best Endocrinologist. He is a tremendously caring physician along with his staff and interns. My patient experience exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Nguyen. You will feel comfortable and cared for. Thank you Dr. Nguyen.


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